The Music Vertical Scores Its First Hit

“some people have lives; some people have music”

Welcome to the Music vertical at DANamic! Here you will find the latest news on the music world and all its antics, musings on the latest releases from your favourite local and international acts, and discover our constant internal struggle as self-conscious advocates for quality pop music.

You want the latest on the new Beyoncé single/album/surprise second baby and sibling to Blue Ivy? We got it. You want to know the most painfully cool singers and bands who are at the peak of their hipster indie powers (and have NME kissing their feet)? We can tell you, but you’ve probably never heard of them. You want to hear all the juicy gossip on FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson‘s camera-shy relationship? Go somewhere else.

That’s right – DANamic.org is committed to bringing you the latest from the world’s greatest artists, but we also understand that they’re also human. We believe that intelligent discourse and excited fangirling/fanboying are essentially the same thing – but being mean to musicians (A-list or otherwise) – is neither helpful nor ethical. And while the decadent pop industry might sometimes go a little haywire, let’s focus on artistry and artistry alone. It’ll still be fun, we promise!

So grab your iPod (or Android device… we don’t discriminate), straighten out your earpiece, and turn up the volume here on DANAMIC.org! We promise that no matter what genre come from, there’s a song out there for everyone.

P.S. we love fandoms

P.P.S. we will #supportlocal till the day we die (more on this soon)


Header Image: Anirudh Koul (Creative Commons)



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