“does neopets count?”

Okay so you’ve somehow landed on the Gaming vertical here at DANAMIC.org. That’s weird. You’re probably just browsing this site over a rushed lunch between games, so we’ll make this quick before your gaming buddies start getting tired of your AFK status.

The Gaming vertical tells you all about the latest and greatest – epic masterpieces of virtual worlds that make the real world look shabby and spartan. We bring you the best in the gaming world with reviews, recommendations, and tips that can only come from experience.

We’re just gamers helping other gamers (like you!). Check back with us often and discover new releases as they are introduced. Share the new information you’ve found and help others like yourself (or don’t, and be the know-it-all among your friends). Let us take you to a world that’s slightly different from the ones you’re used to, but one that is just as limitless and eye-opening.

Okay, now back to that paused game…


Header Image: naughty_dog (Creative Commons)



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