For Long Bus Rides Or Really Awkward Moments

“to heck with tl;dr. welcome to the land of textual diarrhoea – where we bathe in the delightful glow of op-eds and our own self-importance for the enjoyment of the internet.”

A very warm welcome from both the Longform vertical and Singapore’s default weather. Here you will find reads that go a little longer than the usual content on DANAMIC.org, spanning a wide range of topics and categories.

Need something to do while waiting for that friend who is always late? How about those 20 minutes during lunch where it’s just you, your takeaway bento set, and your phone? Travelling from Pasir Ris to Jurong East on your daily commute? The Longform vertical at DANAMIC is here to accompany you in times such as these and more.

Watch this space for passionate op-eds, musings with word counts that are way past social convention, and, if we dare say so ourselves, well-written pieces that offer a glimpse into the perspective of another human. Just click, scroll, and you’re ready to roll.

We promise to stay clear of cheesy rhymes like the one above.


Header Photo: Emanuele Toscano (Creative Commons)



Brought to you by The DANAMIC Editorial Team!

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