Sitting In A Dark Room With A Hundred Other Strangers

“yes, aren’t cinemas just really strange? wow humans are so weird…”

3… 2… 1… The Cinema vertical is where you’ll find anything and everything about film and movies. Within the realm of this page, the silver screen is the deity and we are all just fawning acolytes.

Interested in a new flick but unsure if its worth your money? Download it illegally then (just kidding)! Drop by the Cinema vertical at DANAMIC.org and get a quick summary on today’s hottest films.

Our writers are all objective; it’s not like we’re being held at gunpoint by eager directors. If a film is a flop, we’ll tell it as it is. Thankfully, most movies are worth your time, which makes going to the cinema such an exciting experience!

P.S. We’ll tag spoilers, don’t worry.


Header Image: Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Creative Commons)



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